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Our company is unique, and we understand that yours is too. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your company’s specific needs.

We work closely with our clients, gathering information, asking questions and really listening to the answers. Then we go to work to provide you with candidates who are best suited to your company’s objectives, environment and culture.

Prairie distinguishes itself by the time, attention and responsiveness we offer to each client. We also adhere to a “Less is More” philosophy, cutting through the clutter to deliver the optimum solution. Rather than simply matching candidates to job openings and submitting dozens of possibilities, we present only the most qualified candidates.

We also understand that clients’ needs and resources fluctuate, so we offer services that are flexible to meet your current requirements and your budget. Therefore, our highly qualified professionals are available by several different methods – contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire.

So whether you’re interested in supplementing your staff on a contract basis, engaging an entire project team, or in making a direct hire, our dedication to detail and understanding your specific needs enables us to confidently and consistently provide the most qualified candidates to get the job done.